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SLU’s Strategic Priorities Exclude the Liberal Arts and Humanities

An alum recently met with a SLU development representative who walked them through the capital campaign. The alum reported that the capital campaign has a whole section on expanding/strengthening business education, but no dedicated part of the campaign focuses on shoring up SLU’s roots and heritage—the liberal arts and humanities.

The campaign’s description reads, in part, “This historic $500 million fundraising effort is designed to strengthen our institution by committing resources to the strategic priorities of academic excellence, health sciences, business education, athletics and scholarships.”

The campaign video features healthcare, business, athletics, engineering. It mentions neither the liberal arts nor the humanities—not even once.

Would you like to see support for SLU’s roots and heritage in the liberal arts and humanities? If so, tell your local alumni chapter, tell a SLU development officer, tell the SLU administration. And ask them how you might ensure that your financial donation to SLU will be dedicated to support for the liberal arts and  humanities.

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