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What’s Your Story?

Saving SLU wants SLU to be a place where diverse students receive an excellent education and where employees are treated well and justly.

On this website, we have documented numerous serious threats to educational excellence, from reduced resources in the liberal arts to a top-down reduction in our commitment to graduate education.

As members of Saving SLU, we have also begun to hear reports of problems across campus with unjust treatment of employees, both staff and faculty. Because of the way work is organized, we don’t often know what is going on in other units. But it’s important for us to be better informed, in order to hold SLU accountable. People have shared stories with us of bullying bosses that SLU keeps in top positions, of having to work without remuneration, of being unjustly demoted with significant loss of pay, and of having salaries so low that paying the deductible required to use medical benefits is unaffordable.

Such things are unacceptable. Isolated employees, however, are often unable to fight back. United, we can do better. What issues do you think need more attention, support, and advocacy? We invite you to share your story with Saving SLU. You can put your name to it or share it anonymously. The decision is entirely yours. We can even work with you to turn your story into a short blog post. However you share it, you can play a part in making SLU a better workplace.

Send your story to (We suggest sending your story from a non-SLU account if you have another email address.)

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