SLU Faculty Manual Fact of the Day

“The Dean is responsible for the preparation and administration of the budgets of the Departments of the College or School. In formulating the budget for a College or School, the Dean consults with the Chairpersons and the appropriate committees of the Faculty Assembly or equivalent group.”  (Faculty Manual, p. 5, emphasis added).

“In my over 15 years as a faculty member at SLU, as far as I am aware, no dean of the school in which I am housed has ever consulted with faculty through the Faculty Assembly about the budget. Not only do faculty not participate in the formulation of the budget, I’ve never even seen the budget for the school in which I am housed—not even in its broadest outlines.”

Faculty: What is the practice in your school regarding this provision of the manual? Is there a best practice that you would like to see?

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