The Need for Trustee-Faculty Communication at SLU

In 2013, a group of faculty put forward a proposal for a trustee-faculty conference committee. The proposal was shared with the then administration and Chair of the Board of Trustees. No action is known to have been taken.

The proposal is available here.

Conference committees consisting solely of trustees and faculty are a long-standing tradition. They are recommended as a best practice by the AAUP and endorsed by the Association of Governing Boards as one way to enhance trustee-faculty communication, itself a best practice.

  • How much do SLU stakeholders know about SLU’s trustees—in whom legal ownership and control of the university are vested, including fiduciary responsibility?
  • How much do SLU’s trustees know about SLU stakeholders (from students to faculty to alums to Jesuits)?
  • What risks do we run by establishing (enforcing?) distance between, for example, trustees and faculty?

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