Saint Louis University (SLU) faces serious challenges that demand our collective thought and action. SLU’s mission, which is so vital to those who both work and study here, is threatened. SLU runs the risk of losing much of what makes it distinct and valuable, including its commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, the high quality of its programs, its academic integrity, and the reputation of the degrees its graduates receive.

Look at some of the ominous danger signs and where we seem to be headed, based on recent events at the University of Tulsa and Wheeling Jesuit University (the latter of which is changing its name as it ends its Jesuit affiliation). We call on everyone—from incoming first-year students to the Board of Trustees—to join us in righting our precious ship.

Saving SLU is a ground-up, decentralized effort, for members of the SLU community—to learn and generate understanding.

Please feel free to contact us to help support our cause.

We welcome submissions for blog posts. Please send submissions to contact@savingslu.org.